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Ratio 3 is pleased to announce Without Stopping, an exhibition featuring new artworks from eight artists based in the United States and Japan. Less a thematic survey than a reflection on the breadth of current discourses in painting, Without Stopping brings together paintings by artists who reflect a diverse and ever-evolving discipline. While artists and their audiences may favor different styles, subject matter, and techniques from one decade to the next, the dialogues among artists continue, and the medium of painting endures. Whether rendering still lifes, layering gestural brushstrokes, altering a canvas’s shape and surface, or combining several modes of painting, each artist on view takes a sustained and distinctive approach to contemporary painting.

Ratio 3 thanks Misako & Rosen, Japan; Nonaka-Hill, Los Angeles; Regards, Chicago; and Taka Ishii Gallery, Japan for their contributions to Without Stopping.