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Opening reception: Wednesday, July 6, 6 – 8pm
Gallery summer hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Ratio 3 is pleased to announce a summer group exhibition featuring new works by Ruth Laskey, Ara Peterson, and Noam Rappaport.

Continuing her Twill Series, Ruth Laskey has produced a suite of six new weavings that expand on ideas developed in preceding works, in which adjacent regions of color create diagonal lines that deviate from the artist’s standard twill weave. Composed of identical interlocking forms, each weaving from Laskey’s new series uses a muted pallet of hand-dyed threads and balanced compositions to create thoughtful, meditative relationships.

Known primarily for optical video works and painted wood sculptures, Ara Peterson has recently developed a series of graphite drawings exploring both mechanical and manual methods of mark-making. This exhibition includes three drawings that feature alternately concentric and staggered arcs. By varying the size and spacing of a deceptively simple repeated mark, Peterson builds layered scales, rhythms, and spaces.

Noam Rappaport's latest constructions bridge painting, sculpture, and drawing. In three new works, nearly pristine, hand-buffed finishes contrast with casual and rough-hewn textures. By merging planes of color with voids and materials that extend beyond the canvas, these objects draw attention to the space between viewer and artwork as readily as they reflect their surrounding architecture.

Each of these artists reconsider the fundamentals of their respective media, finding uncommon applications and combinations of familiar materials. Without sensationalizing their practices, Laskey, Peterson, and Rappaport have developed distinctive visual vocabularies that offer a quiet and rich viewing experience.