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Installation Images Exhibited Works Press Release Noam Rappaport ▶︎

We are pleased to announce Noam Rappaport’s third solo exhibition at Ratio 3. Featuring a series of new wall-mounted sculptural reliefs, this exhibition focuses on form and physicality over pictorial composition. By eschewing illusionistic painting in favor of handmade objects and monochromatic masses, Rappaport’s newest works reflect the artist’s intuitive and elegant approach to contemporary painting.

Since his 2015 solo exhibition at Ratio 3, the forms comprising Rappaport’s artworks have developed into a range of permutations. Richly colored planes, concavities, and appendages within each work intersect and implicate their surrounding architecture and environmental light. Throughout this exhibition, Rappaport’s carefully considered palette takes on physical presence. The objects’ surfaces are at turns matte, satin, or layered in deliberate brushstrokes; they react to reflected light and cast shadows, creating subtle changes in tone depending on a viewer’s vantage.

Aspects of Rappaport’s new forms are familiar, recalling domestic objects and architectural fixtures such as light switches, shelving brackets, and support trusses. Several of these new works appear to be structural braces, interacting with the corners of the gallery like buttresses, or protruding from the gallery’s walls, exposing and elevating their hand-wrought construction. At first glance, Rappaport’s artworks may appear manufactured, yet further consideration reveals the subtle irregularities of handmade objects.

Rappaport’s methodology is distinct in its approach to the fundamentals of his media. Without constraining his practice to painting or sculpture, he engages with form, shape, and color directly. Despite their seemingly simple construction, these objects are complex, existing as intimate paintings, architectural interventions, and monolithic sculptures at once.

Noam Rappaport was born in 1974. He studied at the School of Visual Art in New York, and currently lives and works in Grass Valley, CA. Rappaport has exhibited extensively through the United States and abroad, with recent exhibitions at the Bolinas Art Museum; Bennington College, VT; CANADA, New York; Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels; and Brand New Gallery, Milan. He has had solo exhibitions at James Fuentes LLC in New York (2017, 2014, 2012) and White Columns, New York (2010).