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Installation Images Exhibited Works Press Release

Opening: Saturday, January 18, 6 – 8 pm

Ratio 3 is pleased to present I Wish It Were Raining, a solo exhibition of new artworks by Marc Hundley. Through compositions combining stylized typography and diverse graphic sensibilities, Hundley presents works on canvas and paper that convey a sense of memory and musing. At turns wistful, melancholic, and optimistic, Hundley’s artworks are familiar in their references to music, film, and literature, and yet intimately autobiographical in their origins.

Like the exhibition title itself, each of Hundley’s poster-like paintings evokes a sentiment through associative language. Frequently featuring phrases borrowed from lyrics, titles, or poetry, his posters seem to announce new films, re-released albums, or imagined concerts. Variously hand-painted on canvas, stencilled, or photocopied from collaged elements, Hundley’s artworks evoke both the hand-wrought touch of a personal invitation and the mass-produced urgency of a public advertisement. 

Hundley’s simple, yet purposefully constructed furniture populates each gallery, furthering the exhibition's emphasis on intimacy; benches placed throughout encourage viewers to inhabit and experience the exhibition at length.

Hundley often marks his posters with a date or address—footnotes of a personally significant event—be it a shared moment with a friend or lover, or a quiet moment of introspection. His artworks commemorate moments and places that come to stand for broader feelings; private moments are made public and the intensely personal is shown to be universal. 

Marc Hundley (b. 1971, Toronto, Canada) lives and works in New York, where he has exhibited at CANADA, Team Gallery, White Columns, and Printed Matter. He has also had solo exhibitions at The Modern Institute, Glasgow, UK, Cherry and Martin in Los Angeles, and Herald St in London, UK. His work has been reviewed in Artforum, Frieze, New York Magazine and the New York Times Style Magazine and is included in the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Hundley’s furniture has been featured in Architectural Digest and Vogue. This is Hundley’s first exhibition with Ratio 3.