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Ratio 3 is pleased to present Bell Weather Picture Garden, a group exhibition of new paintings from eight California-based artists.

"I admire each of these artist’s approach to the practice of painting; their work is interwoven with their everyday lives; it is a constant that inhabits—yet remains unencumbered by—the banal. I see these artists as members of a cohort with a shared vision: that everything can be a thing of beauty, full of imaginative space and potential. Their practices, like walking or breathing, are embedded as part of the connective tissue between their inner and outer lives. I wish we could all live with similar intuition, seeing the world with such unknowing and understanding."
–Haegen Crosby

The artists exhibited are: Jobi Bicos (b.1993, based in Los Angeles, CA), Iggy Capra (b. 1991, based in Oakland, CA), Rafael Delacruz (b. 1989, based in Oakland, CA and New York, NY), Peter Gray Hurley (b. 1984, based in San Francisco, CA), Daisy May Sheff (b. 1996, based in Pt. Reyes, CA), Chris Milic (b. 1991, based in Los Angeles, CA), Tyler Ormsby (b. 1994, based in Brooklyn, NY and San Francisco, CA) and Hop Peternell (b. 1991, based in Oakland, CA)