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Installation Images Exhibited Works Press Release
Jose Alvarez
Alpha Andromedae, 2007
Watercolor, ink, enamel, collage, beads, porcupine quills, handmade paper and resin on watercolor paper
60 x 40 inches
Sam Gordon
Arrows, 2007
Spray paint, acrylic, enamel on canvas with sweepings
24 x 24 inches
Jordan Kantor
Untitled (fallen civilian), 2004-07
Oil on canvas
38 x 64 inches
Ben Peterson
Work From Home, 2007 
Ink and graphite on paper 
48 x 83 inches
Ara Peterson
Golden Warp , 2007 
Birch plywood and paint 
58 x 79 x 2.75 inches
Jordan Kantor
Untitled (informers), 2006
Oil on linen
38 x 52 inches